Sunday, 11 March 2012


Well I'm just back from Melbourne Australia. My boyfriend Scott and I went for a part holiday, part research, part business trip. It was a wonderful and busy break, which left me in tears the day before leaving, so sad to walk away from a city I was falling for, big time. Melbourne is one of the most creative and alive places that I have ever been and I think it's going to take a few weeks for all the amazing to sink in. So for now I'll share some of my holiday highlights (sorry about the photos they are all from my phone and awful quality). There will be new projects and new posts to follow soon.
Highlight number one, food. I always knew eating was going to be a big part of our trip. Above is Grill'd a healthy burger bar. I'm not sure it's much healthier than using wholemeal rolls but it made us feel better about going there and it tasted good.
Above: Hooked healthy seafood. We loved this place, it was just down the road from where we were staying and a cool, easy place to slump in at the end of a long day. The food was lovely and well priced and the decor, like the staff, was pretty and relaxed.
Above: Cookie, thai restaurant, known as 'the' super cool central Melbourne hang out. We had a few recommendations for Cookie. I have to say it wasn't the best food we ate and it cost a little more but the wonderful wall art and chic bohemian setting made it a special place. Personally I'd recommend just going for a cocktail there then heading to the greek district for a fairer priced more enjoyable meal.
Above: Rooftop Cinema, this was my top highlight from the trip. I checked the weather before booking and we landed a warm sunday evening watching the documentary 'El Bulli'. I loved the deck chairs, the fairy lights and half time ice cream. If you're in Melbourne you should check it out, it's such a magical way to spend an evening.
Above: Well that's Scott and I with a shark swimming above our heads. Maybe the only really tourist thing we did was spending an afternoon at the aquarium. I have an ongoing childhood obsession with sharks so as far as I'm concerned it was time and money well spent.
Above: Scott went to a real old school barber for a hair cut and beard trim. The barber could be a blog post on his own, he was shockingly rude and it turns out he's a well know figure in the Fitzroy area for that reason. Anyway he did a good job and we survived.
Finally the main thing we did in Melbourne was enjoy the incredible street art, both commercial and illegal. Scott and I walked the streets everyday looking for gems and photographing them. In total we have around 1,500 images to go through. So here are just a couple I snapped on my phone. Above: A tattoo inspired painting on the outside of Rose Street Market.
Below: a section from hosier lane, central Melbourne.

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  1. Melbourne is amazing - Im so glad you had such a good (and romantic sounding) time!