Sunday 8 August 2010

it's my birthday and I'll buy if I want to...

Well next week is my birthday so my head is filling with a little wish list of things I need and things I just want. I think it's something to do with getting older but I no longer worry about people buying me presents, it's now more about treating myself to a special something extra. I think this shift happened around the same time as I started thinking of nice food or bath stuff as a really lovely gifts rather than just plain boring. So here's my current wish list.
Giant Suede City W bike, I really miss having a bike and this one would be great for cruising around Wellington bay. I walk everyday but really need to fit in a little more exercise and I would rather cycle than join a gym.
My iphone is on it's last legs, little cracks are appearing on the screen :( and I know I sound like a sad'o but I really have no idea what I'll do without it. It's maybe the greatest value per use item I have ever owned. So I think new iphone will bump bike from the number one spot.
Totally frivolous but I love this print from Lazy Oaf. Prog rock, bright colours and a unicorn what's not to like.
I always want books and these three would be given a good home with me. An Education by Lynn Barber I heard her interviewed on Desert Island Discs this week and she was so interesting, I'm desperate to read this memoir. Eat Yourself Thin I really need a heathy eating cook book and this one seems a little more light hearted than most on offer. Finally for some reason I'm fascinated with Ted Hughes, I guess because he had an extraordinary and deeply tragic life and I really want to read The Letters of Ted Hughes to get a little more insight into him and his poems.
Finally my parents have kindly bought me this lovely chestnut brown leather bag. It's exactly what I need now I carry post - including poster tubes in and out of town everyday of the week. It's being made to order by Jenny n design on etsy.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (a little early)



  2. Happy birthday for next week! The bike is great, it reminds me that I need to buy some parts for mine so I can fix it up. Now that spring is on it's way, biking is that bit more appealing than it has been.

  3. That bike looks amazing. I'm going to put that on my birthday list!

  4. this is a wonderful birthday list! :D

  5. Ah - had been wondering what to get you and thought I would look on here for clues - The Ted Hughes book is yours babe if you'll let me get it for you - can I send it to Bristol though so that you have it when you get home and don't have to transport it? Having read Sylvia Plath's poems and 'The Bell Jar' I would love to give you a gift that both you and I appreciate the beauty of. Loving everything you do and missing you madly. Much love for your 31st Birthday. Fletcher xxx