Monday, 25 November 2013

Rust and Stardust

I have been really busy over the past couple of months, a combination of teaching, freelancing at home, freelancing out in real offices, plus doing everything needed to keep Dear Colleen ticking along. I'm not complaining just with so much pressure on my time something had to give and sadly this blog was it. So much has gone on that I want to share, I'll do a real catch up soon. However today I want to write a little piece about two girls, three dogs, a warehouse and a dream.

Amy and Evie work in Auckland and have joined forces to set up what, they aim to become New Zealand's foremost hand printed textile studio. They have a great space and although they look incredibly set up they are seriously short of kit. That's where PledgeMe comes in. If you have a minute to look at their campaign they have been working their socks off to design a stylish range of rewards so you can combine giving a helping hand with Christmas shopping (or just treating yourself). 

Scott and I were running around the house last night trying to measure our collie dog to make sure he'd fit on the 'Outside-In floor cushion'(above). He does, just, so we've snapped one up. Below is a little peak at my favourite items but please go and have a look at the whole range.

Four Camping themed symbol cushions.
Pup tent, like those cat caves but 1,000x nicer to look at.

Running a Crowd Funding campaign is really hard work with no guarantee of reward. Even it you can't help out financially please think about sharing a link or telling a friend. These little things are so greatly appreciated and really do make the world of difference. 


  1. That bear couch cushion is literally to die for! SO cute! Anyway, just dropping by to let you know that you have a new follower & how much I love your blog! (: Please feel free to give my blog a follow as well & check it out! Otherwise, keep blogging this cute stuff!!! xoxox

  2. At their fight they have been working their socks off to outline a trendy run of remunerates so consolidate giving some assistance with Christmas shopping its marvelous truly.

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