Wednesday 28 October 2009

never give up on any child - red hook

Yesterday, my last full day in New York. I have very little time left as I have to catch a flight in a couple of hours but I wanted to post a couple of pictures from Red Hook. I finally made it to sunny’s the bar daisy recommended and it really was in the ass back of beyond. I got there and it was closed!!! I know I’ll be back in NY soon so I’ll make the trip again as it did look pretty fantastic. Red Hook was a real taste of Brooklyn, much more rough and ready than Manhattan. It had a few little gems hidden in the boarded up derelict houses. I really love the “we never give up on any child sign” both positive and negative in one breath.

I also revised my two favourite shops yesterday, "kiosk" which I would have never have found with out daisy’s instructions. Very cool, very New York the sort of place you only know about by word of mouth. I also went back to the letterpress house “Bowne & Co., Stationers” 211 Water Street and really wanted to buy the whole shop. OK off to Seattle see you on the west coast.

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