Tuesday 21 September 2010

christmas posting dates...

I know it's only September but as I'm based in New Zealand and send a lot of mail to the United States and Europe I wanted to get the postal dates listed early, the deadlines aren't as far away as you may think! I'm sure there will be a bit of wiggle room but the dates below are the final dates that NZ mail will guaranty delivery. Click here for a larger image...
It's not up in my shop yet but I will also be adding a gift wrapping and Christmas card service. So you can send a gift with a message directly to your loved ones. There will be a tiny charge but just to cover materials it's likely to end up as $2.50 (US), which isn't so bad for a hand written card and gift wrap. Well that's enough Christmas chatter for the time being, it's just that it's my first one as a seller and I want to get my bases covered:)


  1. snap! I was just thinking about this last night, drafting something for Foxes now — it comes around so fast!

  2. Yikes! I suppose i should figure this out, too..