Tuesday 28 September 2010

all change...

Well it feels like I’ve spent the last few months in limbo. I was quite firmly forming a plan to travel home to England via lots of interesting places and stopping by lovely craft fairs as I travelled, when an offer landed on my desk that I couldn’t turn down – I haven’t been publicly talking about this yet because, well I’ve been waiting for things to sure up. I still can’t really say what the project is but I do need to remain in New Zealand to be part of it and for me to remain in New Zealand has been a bit of a mission.
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Getting my twelve-month work visa was so simple that I naively thought extending it would be just as straight forward. I thought wrong, to extend my visa I’ve literally had to give blood as well as get poked, prodded, interviewed and x-rayed. It took around a month to do all the medicals and pull the relevant paper work together and then I had to wait a further five weeks before finding out the good news, I’m clear to stay for another eleven months. I’m not planning to stay for all of that time but as I’ve found out it’s not worth making plans, I’m sure there’s a John Lennon quote I should insert here.

Well I’m talking about change a few things are changing with my business as well; it’s about to double in size as I introduce Jen who’s joining me part time to handle the retail and wholesale side of things. Once I get her up and running this will be a huge help and relief. I’m also very excited about some changes that are happening right here on my blog. I have another helper starting with me next week who will be writing a guess post every Thursday. I'm putting in place a new agenda and structure and although it's not my aim to become the next Design Sponge* I am determined to make this an informative site and a site that's about more than just my work. If you want to find out about it all join me on Monday when I'll explain.

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