Wednesday 17 November 2010

my bag...

'What's in my bag' seems to be a popular theme on twitter and blogs right now and I think it's a smart little way to get a glimpse into someones life so I thought I would share. My bag is very empty today, but I've been totally honest - I've given my wallet it's own section as it's quite large and is hiding a lot of extra junk.

So here's a few pointless facts that you can find out about me; I have a large leather bag that my parents bought me for my birthday (some of you will have read about it here), I walk everywhere so I only use bags that you can wear across your body as everything else is a pain to fuss with- it has to be large as the more shit I do, the more shit I have to lug around with me.
I really do carry a notebook everywhere, I get through about one a fortnight. Currently I'm using the yellow 70's style MMMG one. Ideally I like lined or squared paper - plain paper freaks me out. I have a few bits of stock with me today some tea towels to drop into a shop for a wholesale order and a rosette to photograph. Under the rosette is one of the most important things in my life - my orders book. Every single order that I get goes into that book once I have completed the order I tick next to the name and write the date so I know when it was posted. Next to my order book you'll spy some make-up, yes I'm a little vain. I may have holes in my shoes but I wear Channel lipstick - if I was to hind anything it would be that I feel a little ashamed that I spend so much money on a bit of wax in a tube.
I always have my sunglasses on me, I find the sun unbelievably bright in New Zealand. And yes that's right I have two phones not because I'm a super important business woman it's just that my iPhone doesn't work as a phone outside of the UK so it's been down graded to an iPod touch and I have a rubbish little pay as you go. I'm not sure if you can make out my headphones but they're in a terrible state they're held together with japanese masking tape and super-glue. The rest is just bit's of scrap paper and post office receipts. For some reason I'm still carrying American dollars in my wallet - I keep thinking I'll be heading back through there soon so why take them out - but if I'm honest they do get in the way.

If you fancy you can also take a look inside Evie's bag and remember to drop by tomorrow for her fashion friday post.
On a final note I've had another chair re-covered at es design - it's in their show room at the moment if you want to pop along to take a look. It's not as outlandish as my pink office chair but I think the blue velvet with the wood is so yummy and I have the perfect cushions in mind to make it a little more hip (the cushions on it aren't mine). I picked up the chair as part of a three piece set in the salvation army's a few months back, it was a utter steal. Two of my friend have taken the other pieces off my hands so we're all having them reupholstered in different fabrics - I'll try and get some pics to share as they get their's done.


  1. OMG that chair!!!!!! It is so amazing, the colour is perfection!
    When will you get it home? Please tell me you are shipping your chairs back to England with you when you go?

    I still love your bag. I can't believe you go thorugh a notebook a fortnight, you're so productive. I also like lined paper unless I'm going to scan something in so I'm not a freak either (for that reason).
    love the juxtaposition of your chanel lipstick and taped-up earphones...priorities...

    I can't stop looking at that chair.

  2. woah i love the chair! so pretty!!!

    ur bag is so awesome!i cant believe you use a whole notebook in a fortnight! ur imagination must be humongous! :D

    i also am a little vain with makeup... Channel...drool...

  3. Evie + Kim the notebook thing would be impressive if they weren't mostly filled with to do lists - shopping lists - order lists - stock lists... you get the picture only about a third of it is ideas and work.

    Evie the chair is 100% going on a slow boat back to England can't wait to make it all lived in and a little more shabby

  4. I'm a lipstick kind of "girl" myself - when all else fails, a little tube of coloured pigment can save the day - from drab to dazzle in seconds!!

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