Thursday 6 January 2011

2010, The year in fashion

I've been looking forward to doing this post. While it's happening the year can all feel like a bit of a blur and there's nothing like a dash of retrospection to create a snap shot of the year that was. Fashion wise I found 2010 to be a great year (remember however that I am a fickle fashion victim), with a perfect balance of nostalgia, the new and the down right strange (Lady Gaga anyone?).

Here are my selection of defining fashion statements from 2010, the pieces and trends that really summed up the year.

  • 2010 was rough for the lambs with shearling (sheepskin, preferably lambskin) as the material of the year. We saw shearling jackets, coats, waistcoats, hats, shoes and even socks. Regular leather continued it's reign as an all purpose fabric with the perfection ( and high street-isation) of the leather dress, skirt and t-shirt. Items that despite having all the potential to evoke The Flintstones or a biker gang actually are incredibly simple and beautiful. In saying that, most of us couldn't afford one and the 'vegan' versions = sweaty = not chic.
  • The biggest shock for me this year was the return and rise of the clogs. After my initial shock I was a little disgusted, then intrigued, then secretly fancied them and now I'm seeing in 2011 with 2 pairs of clogs at my side. I've been very impressed at the dramatic rise of the humble clog from Dutch national costume to clomping along the runway at Chanel but I'll admit it has made me a bit worried. Those clogs have potentially trod a dangerous path, a path in which such other non-flattering and scary shoes of years past can make an equally dramatic and successful comeback. Spice Girl platforms, I'm looking at you.
  • Perhaps less excitingly camel was most definitely the colour of the year (although Pantone declared it turquoise) with bright red a close second. A camel coat was the absolute must buy (you really should have already had one) though camel trousers as perfected by Chloe were also high on this list. This tone, ranging from beige through to caramel signalled a hiatus for black and 2010 embraced a lighter palette in general. Which is nice for a change, which is all it is. Black will be back. It always is.
  • Ultimately 2010 was a year of the mid-century flash back. Ladylike silhouettes, skinny waist belts, full skirts, pussy bows, blouses, red lips, proper handbags, kitten heels, peter pan collars and penny loafers were everywhere and should continue to be for a little while longer. Teal, merlot and rust were colours that featured a lot last year evocative as they are of early 60's cocktail dresses. In many ways 2010 wasn't a perfect year but this alone made it for me, finally a fashion trend that works quite perfectly with a big(ger?) bum.

So there are my fashion statements of the year that has been though I could go on. To me, it was a year of luxe and I hope that's here to stay for a while. Next post I'll share what the predictions are for this year. But until then how will you remember 2010?

Fashion friday by Evie Kemp


  1. Ahhh You make me laugh! I cannot say that I'm too excited about the return of the clog. I don't think I even liked them the first time =/

    The Camel coat is amazing. I think it's such an easy way to dress up or down. Wear with black or something bright. Anything.
    Great job on the post!

  2. I like sandal clogs, they seem to suit me. And I had some ghastly beige spice girl platforms back in the day... ha! ew.

  3. Thanks Cassy! I'm a shameless clog lover, mostly because I love how loudly I clomp in them :-) I got a camel jacket last year in a thrift shop which I wore to death, still need a coat though...or trench maybe. Thanks for your kind words too!

    Bee, I love sandal clogs too but haven't found any for me yet. Cotton On/Rubi shoes had some great and super cheap pairs but the straps were too narrow to be comfortable for me. I'm still looking though.