Sunday 13 February 2011

first dibs

As you might have already read on here, I'm leaving Wellington in 9 week and I'm slowly getting around to sorting out my worldly goods. I spoke about this with the girls at Craft Up last tuesday night and they asked if I would give them first dips before putting my stuff up on Trade Me. So if you're interested email by 12 noon tomorrow.
1. Above. Turn of the century wooden tool box. Bought at auction last year it measures 47cm high - 70cm long - 25cm deep. It's a bit bashed and a bit rusty (it was bought that way) and has a notable crack in the wood on the front but it's total vintage lovelyness. When you open it up you'll find two draws and that the inside has been pained a aqua green. I've been using it in my bedroom to hold all my art materials and will be very sad to say goodbye. I'm asking for $40.
2. Three vintage suitcases all old and a little bashed but still in working order. A brown leather with a charming envelope style sticking on the front and back. One powder blue and very light blue early 60s very sturdy truck style case and a dapper brown and white striped suitcase with plastic wrap round buckles also 50s or 60s. I'm asking for $30 for all three.
3. Two vintage suitcases, I guessing both of these are pre 50's. One is black leather with hand painted monogram on the front and the other is a canvas truck style case covered in lots of old travel stickers. Again they are vintage so bashed and rusty. I'm asking for $10 for the pair or you can buy all five suitcase for $35. They are great props for photo shoots.
4. I'm a bit heart broken to part with this, it's my 'Mad Men' style 60's chrome floor light. It makes a perfect evening reading lamp. I bought it at auction (after a bit of a fight with another lady:) it was PAC tested by the auction house before they sold it, which was only six months ago so it should be in good working order and safe. It's 125cm tall. I'm asking $40 for it, which is less than I paid.
5. Mixed Craft materials, a real bargain all un-used bought for a project I never found time to start. there is around $140 worth of jewelry wire, crimps, jump rings and tools. On flicker you can see the price tags and the wire alone retails at over $100. I'm asking $55 for the lot.
6. Last up is my lovely bike. I'm still not 100% I want to sell. I bough it less then 5 months ago and just cycle at weekends, it's the best bike I have ever owned. It's a boy 'Giant Cypress' bike in black and cost $830 new plus I've added lights, a lock and a mudguard so it's well kitted out. It has a couple of tiny tiny bit's of rust, nothing to worry about (I cycle by the sea alot) and the tyres need to be pumped up but apart from than it's like new. I'm asking $470.