Tuesday 8 February 2011

procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow

Ok apologies up front, this is a personal post and I don’t mean in an interesting way before I get your hopes up. It’s just that I find myself in a bit of a rut, which among other things is affecting this blog. I’m sorry it’s been so sadly neglected of late. I have so many half written posts kicking around but I just can’t fine the focus to finish them. Focus seems to be my big problem this year, I quite often wonder if I have attention deficit disorder but always end up doing something else before I can find out.
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The worst thing about my current lack of focus is that I have designers block, this wouldn’t be so bad if my mind wasn’t still ticking away coming up with concepts, the problems really starts when I sit down and try and turn those ideas into anything visual.

I suspect this creative dry spell is down to a couple of factors. Firstly I only really do my best work when I’m down to the wire. I really haven’t been faced with any deadline lately consequently all of my work has been a bit lacklustre. Secondly I’ve finally booked tickets to travel back to the other side of the world. I leave New Zealand for Sydney Australia on the 17 April and after five days as a tourist I fly all the way home to the UK. Of course in the nine weeks I have left in New Zealand I have a million things to do.

I leave my day job in five weeks and my flat in six. I’m going to Melbourne on a business research trip the day after I move out of my home. I need to sort out the shipping of my chairs (and the answer is still no to all those who have asked, sorry). I have to organize all the aspects of the part of my business that I leave in New Zealand (that’s a biggie). I need to reduce all my worldly possessions so I only leave with what I can fit in a backpack. And most importantly of all I want to arrange a kick ass leaving do/ladies like afternoon tea party. I guess it doesn’t sound like that much put into a paragraph but this isn’t even the start, these are just the small niggles I fill my head with to put off thinking about what the hell I’ll do when I’m back in the UK just myself and my small etsy shop to keep me afloat. I know it’ll be ok and I know that really in the big scheme of things I always have a loving family who will look after me but at the moment, if I’m honest, I’m really scared.


  1. This seems like a lot to deal with. I feel like I have been there more than once! When I moved to Waiheke I had a total creativity block. I didn't know what to do with myself at all! Although it doesn't help now to hear it, you have to remind yourself that nothing is permanent, and this will pass. It may even nurture your creativity. We are not superhuman and can't do everything, although at times we think we 'should'. Well, I've got news - we don't!! Take some long walks in nature, anywhere but your studio, and anywhere but a place that might be related to it. It might not work for you, but it does for me. Sometimes I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, but it turns out, that I put it there myself, so I can take it down again! My father always told me if I have too much to do: do one thing, do it well, complete it, then do the next. What is important should be at the top of the list - and you'll find it. I wish you peace and an calm! xxx

  2. On a mundane note, when I shipped from the UK to NZ I used Freedom Shipping and they were well-priced and had fantastic service. Even sent me a link so I could track the ship on its voyage! Their NZ co-company is Seven Seas Worldwide, so they may be worth a look.

  3. Hey Louise thank you so the sweet message and all true - I'm a big fan of walking: "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking"- Friedrich Nietzsche. Just writing it all down has been a great help, I already feel like a weight has been lifted.

    Lisa: you're a star I've been finding it so hard finding anyone for shipping so you have know idea how great it is that you have given me a name - THANK YOU

  4. Freedom Shipping are fab! I used them as well!

    Good luck getting it all done before you leave!

  5. It's all a bit scary but you will be totally fine. It's just another adventure (helped by two trips to Australia, lucky) and everything that has to be sorted will be. Your etsy business may feel small now, but just wait until you have no full-time job - I'm sure it will just explode (more than it already has) and everything will become clearer.

    Plus, it's always good to be back near Mum & Dad for a while for when it all gets a bit much and you just need a night out and a home cooked meal.

    Best of luck Colleen. You will be great. Enjoy the rest of your time in New Zealand too.

    We'll miss you! x