Thursday 17 March 2011

these are the days of miracle and wonder

Before we get into 'fashion friday' I just wanted to do a bit of house keeping - it's been so long since I have posted anything on my blog. Since the earthquake that hit Christchurch nearly four weeks ago now I really haven't been feeling like myself, I think it was the strew that broke the camels back. I was already so stressed about moving back to the other side of the world, leaving my job and working out what's happening with my business that I'm not sure what happened but I honestly feel like I lost the plot a bit. Not in a bad or dramatic way, I've just been going out and having fun. I've pushed myself more and in ways I didn't expect and I've just been glad to be alive. Of course 'Carpe Diem' can only go on so long and my head is now coming back to where it should be. I very much plan to get this blog and my business in general back on track over the coming weeks. I totally know now that I am doing the right thing in moving back to the south of England for myself and my work, but it comes at a cost as I will miss New Zealand very much. Just to finish I would like to say I'm sorry for being so rubbish but I promise I'm back on form and ready to write:)

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