Thursday 30 June 2011

10 things

This week I got my 15 minutes when I was featured in Viva's 10 favourite things. You can read it here and see the pictures here (if you haven't already, I've kind of shamelessly been promoting it (this being case in point) only stopping short of sky-writing it).

Anyway, lists are fun so today I'm doing my NZ winter fashion 10. I'm honestly writing this in fingerless mittens and if that's not reason to go out and embrace the cold season, I don't know what is.
The house of G has really picked up their game lately and actually have loads of lovely stuff in the perfect winter colour palette. I love how fashion influence has made me adore this sweater when last year I would have been calling it 'baby poo'. I revel in my own fickleness, it's very funny. The bobble knit, 3/4 sleeves and gold button detailing are spot on.Glassons sweater with gold buttons. $49.99.

Tights are obviously an essential. Did you know Columbine is the only hosiery factory still going in New Zealand? Based in Gisborne this family business has been making really nice tights since 1961 (that's 50 years). They have a beautiful range and they're top quality too. Oh and they are nearly almost always included in the Farmers sale. Win, win. For colours, I vote ditch the black and go red, maroon, rust, chartreuse, forest green or grey. Wear them with some beautiful oatmeal toned over the knee socks (Glassons has some) for added warmth and total cuteness.
Geodisic rings by Bliss in a Teacup.Every ring is different, hand carved from lovingly selected pieces of beautiful wood that Bliss in a Teacup have found as far away as Canada. I have one and it goes so well my winter style. I love the edgy style coupled with the soft wood tones and how the wood warms as I wear it. I do also want one I could take an eye out with as well though (can't get too soppy on you). Bliss in a Teacup also make gorgeouscarved wooden pendants. Check their blog and etsy shop for general loveliness.
Chester pin tuck skirt by Ruby. The pleated woollen skirt is winter's answer to pleated chiffon. Cozy and cute and yet not so floaty & flirty that it will whip up in a little wind. Over-ride your natural instinct to go for a black skirt, Vitamin D deficiency is making us all depressed so cheer up (and don't do drugs, kids). $179.
It's impossible for me not to include these bow suede gloves. They are suede, driving style, perforated, have bows and are reduced to $15 right now too. Wearing gloves always makes me want to go in to shops and point at things.
Because these boots are so cheap, I'm putting in two pairs because it would be a shame not to. Seeing as how our winter is often short and unreasonably wet it's nice to not remortgage the house on fashion boots. Instead, put your investment in to some equestrian style leather boots that will last you years and have fun with little booties. Antila black $49.99 and Razza taupe $59.99 both from No.1 Shoes.
I had to include this dress because it's so pretty. Oh and would be absolutely wearable in summer too. It's the perfect base for wrapping up in pretty scarves and coats. I'd wear it with an orange belt or some crazy necklace to mix it up. Navy is almost always the better looking and more select sister to black. Carnaby dress from Wildpair $99.Winter is not the time to forgo on a bit of baggage. When you get to the cafe/art gallery/hardware store you'll end up having to unwrap your carefully placed accessories. Don't be that person dropping gloves and tying your scarf round your waist while huffing & puffing, take a bag you can stuff a few bits in. This Saben Edie Cowboy $369 from Wanda Harland is a bit of an extravagant purchase but it's classic, lovely and worth the investment. I'm just imagining how smoothy that leather is.This tiny porcelain fox necklace is the sweetest thing ever. He just looks so pleased with himself. Eeeeee! Ultra love. There's not much else to say about him, besides 'gah!' and other cooing noises. $70 from Madame Fancypants.Honestly, as fun as dressing up is on those raining, super cold days it's nice to just stay inside with the fire on and a good book. Totally on theme and a super read is "The Dress Circle: New Zealand Fashion Design since 1940". I'm currently mid-read and finding it a real eyeopener, plus it's packed with lots of great pictures $64.99.

This has been a rather epic blogpost but still share your winter wishes in the comments below! Mid winter Santa, if you're reading, please see above.


  1. loving all these things, especially the blue dress and the wooden rings. Really enjoy reading these posts each Friday, enjoyed your article in the Viva too!

  2. Argh I HATE three-quarter anything and as the old Nana I am I think it's impractical for Winter.

    On a positive note - I've been wearing full-length tights this winter from which is an American site doing a super bright range who also has great plus size options for the tall/large combo tall/large.

    Great post!

  3. Oh I'm definately buying Columbine now thanks! Love NZ made

  4. Thank you so much Megan! :-)

    ooh awesome idea for a link Emma. I can vouch for We Love Colours too. Their range of sizes and colours is totally unbeatable :-D

    Inge, I read a really nice article on Columbine earlier this year, previously had no idea they were such a classic NZ company. It's very endearing. I think it might have been in Canvas? Was fascinating!

    evie x

  5. Well I pretty much agree with everything here! I've been eyeing up that Glassons jumper for a little while, Columbine tights are my fave and I fell in love with that Ruby skirt when I saw it in a shop last week... it's so pretty!