Thursday 2 June 2011

wrapped up

Post by Evie Kemp
As we come to the start of June the NZ winter is technically upon us. I know some people like to have a grumble about the colder weather, but quite honestly I really couldn't be happier. I think coats are just the best clothing item around, oh and boots…well coats and boots. No other item is so worth throwing a bit more money at, a great coat can be both incredibly flattering and practical as well as being a real statement piece. Perhaps you noticed (maybe you haven't got the right coat) but people love to comment on and covet a great coat. Choose a great one and it will last you for years.
A beautiful black or navy jacket will serve you well but outerwear is a great excuse to swath yourself in that colour that makes you look like a movie star and makes everyone around you feel like they're in a black & white film while you're skipping along in The Wizard of Oz.

If, like me, you live somewhere that remains fairly temperate even thorough the winter months (bah humbug) use it as an opportunity to go and visit friends in cooler climates and swan around in your winter splendour. Alternatively adopt a sleek and lightweight trench style to see you through.
So, do you like to refresh your winter wardrobe each year or do you choose to have classic pieces that last for seasons?

Karen Millen orange swing jacket £212

ASOS striped collarless mac £75

River Island leopard print trench £55

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