Thursday 3 May 2012

Mash up

Ok this is a quick post about a few things, hence the title. First I just received these macaroons in the mail, totally out of the blue with no note or anything. It's not my birthday for a few months and I haven't done anything nice in ages. I'm utterly undeserving, not that that's going to stop me from eating them. I'm no Colombo or anything but given where they came from I think I might have figured out who sent them. Look out lady some love coming back your way soon.

Secondly I'm setting up a news letter for 'Dear Colleen'. It probably won't be more than 3 or 4 times a years so it's not going to block up your inbox but will keep you informed about any interesting news and offer little discounts here and there. Plus it'll mean you're amongst the first to see new designs. 
Signing up is easy:
  1. See that little gadget, the one in the side bar it's a bit ugly and called 'Subscribe to our mailing list'! Well you type your email in the box under that.
  2. Next you'll get a little box pop up asking if you're sure you want to go through with it, hopefully here you click the 'yes' button.
  3. Then you'll get sent an email to confirm the address is yours and asking you one more time to OK things.
  4. That's it. Now you can make a cup of tea and forget about it until I send you a message in a few weeks time:)

Third and finally you may have read that I had a deadline for today. I had planned to have a website of sorts up and running plus new branding. Well last week put a bit of a spanner in the works. I have been quietly working away on both but neither are ready to hit the go button on . Trying to repoint a web address is melting my brain. For today I thought I may as well share the new logo. I loosely have been using 2 branding marks up until now, the 'hi' speak bubble and 'dear colleen' in woodblock type. The new mark shows a mix of both but in a style that sits with the new designs I have be working on in 2012. There is more thought behind it but I'm heading out any minute and don't have time to get into that now. 

I actually spent a day on this mark, unlike my existing 'brand' (if you can call it that) which I pulled together in under an hour. I'm not sure why but designing for myself just isn't fun. Big sorry to Amy and Liora who I made the deal with but at least it's got me going on it if not all the way there.

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