Wednesday 2 May 2012


I'm a plus size girl and I for one get sick of not being able to buy many of the cool clothes on etsy because they only come in XS, S, M or sometimes/rarely  L. When it comes to tops I'm sort of lucky (if you can call it that) God didn't bless me with a large rack so I can usually wriggle into high street and if I want something on the loose side I just buy boys. I'm cool with this but I am an eternal tom boy at heart. Anyone who takes I look at my Pinterest stream could be forgiven for thinking I'm pinning mens jumpers for my boyfriend, well I'm not they are all with myself in mind. I have my eye on the ASOS number below. I think it'll look pretty sweet with skinny jeans and my winter biker boots.

Anyway as always I digress. As you may have already read I am about to release a line of tees and sweatshirts and I would like to offer a plus size option. The only thing is I've hit two problems. One the wholesale base stock I'm buying doesn't go any larger than XL which in women's will be around a 14-16uk and in mens the XL will work out at around a 18-20uk maybe 22 at a push. The second problem is that I know high neck line tees and sweatshirts are a bit of a no no for big boobs... if you've got them you may as well be proud of them, right. I personally get round high neck lines by wearing a scarf as shown below (how cool is this olivia mew silk scarf!) this brakes the visual and stops the overwhelming wall of jugs look. So I'm putting a call out to other plus sizers, help me:
1. Are you ok with wearing boys stuff? 2. What type of tee/sweatshirt style do you like (if you have links please share below)? 3.Would you like me to offer a custom print serves, you provide the base item of clothing and I have it printed for you at a discounted rate*? 

*The last option would be good because you would get the exact fit you like but as I have to have printing done in runs of at least 20 I would need to get a few people on board. This would mean a lot of organising and with anything that involves getting a number of people to pull together it will take time. You may be waiting 5 weeks or more to get your item, can/ would you wait that long?


  1. I hate wearing boys things, because they just never, ever fit right - too tight in the waist, not enough room for the girls, too straight up and down, you know?

    I've got a couple of boys hoodies though, that I got from threadless - and the only major problem with them is that they're a bit short in the body.

    But yes, custom printing sounds like a great idea? How many does a print run need to be? We could order some of these or these or oooo these. Or,a ctually, I am certain we could find plain white tees in plus sizes, somewhere, though that can be hard.

    I am happy to be spokesmodel for you!!

  2. I often buy things that are meant for boys! I find the same problem - there's ALWAYS XS-M, very rarely a L and NEVER a XL in anything I ever want to try on! And then when I do they've been designed without boobs in mind.

    I've bought men's jumpers and hoodies before, mainly from Superdry as their girls stuff is for tiny, tiny people that cannot exist?! I've never bought a men's t-shirt before though, because like Megan says ^^ they do just go straight up and down, and when you've got boobs - this is a complete disaster!

    I like the idea of custom printing but then again, not sure I'd be okay waiting five weeks for a t-shirt - unless I REALLY wanted it! It's a hard task but if you need anything else then I'd be happy to help out! :)

  3. Right sweetness. I am a DD cup size 12/13, I cannot do standard tee shirt necks but am ok with a neckline that sits slightly bow where a boys tee would if it didn't have a band. My preference however is for something that sits about 3 fingers below the v at the base of ones throat. I know of few girls who like crew necks. I would also say I prefer designs across the bust so I can shorten the length if I need, I have an unusually long neck to waist measurement, and very short waist to hip... So hard to please us all, so good luck pleasing us all..,