Saturday 28 April 2012


This past week has definitely been one that hit me full in the face. We've all had times like these so I know you'll understand what I'm talking about. Monday morning I had something awful confirmed that deeply effects my business through no fault of my own, I would love to share the details but I just can't at this time.

Within the same day my boyfriend got told to go to A&E immediately to get an infection he'd had for a couple of weeks treated. He was and is fine but the man you love getting unexpectedly put in hospital for a few days is a bit of a shock to say the least. Between getting my ducks in a row to protect my business and worrying about Scott there hasn't been a whole lot of work happening this week. I can't tell you how frustrating this is as I have been on such a creative roll of late.

But anyway I called this post blessing because I still have many to count; Scott being home safely and mostly in good spirits about his new badass neck scar. Having an amazing circle of friends to turn to for support, advise and contacts. Discovering the culinary wonder that is beetroot on wholemeal toast with camembert (picture above). Any meal that easy and tasty has to be a blessing, right? Somehow keeping on top of the 100 days project (picture also above) I now have 2 full sheets. Finally, getting back into my work and seeing my new line come together. I still have a bit to do but it feels more like a mole hill than a mountain at the moment. I'm pretty glad to put this week behind me and hope to share more positive posts in the weeks to come.


  1. Oh I am so sorry about your rough week, but you have a remarkably great attitude. I think I saw some tweet of yours alluding to the business situation you are in. I know I don't know the details, but if you ever get around to posting about how to protect your art I would love to hear about it (as a fellow artist I have no idea how to legal protect myself against things).

    Glad that your boy is better! And I am truly loving your typography project.

    Cheers to you!

  2. Hey, yes once I'm through I'll make sure to share what ever details I can. It's very hard and not something any of us should have to deal with. Lets face it no creative wants to spend their time on more paper work. Hope you had a lovely trip to NY your pics sure made me jealous:)

  3. Hi Hun, sorry to hear that its been so full on, I can imagine that is really scary, the Scott situation and thinking all your hard work could be taken away from you! My thoughts are with you, hang in there x

  4. It's so awful that you've been through all this Colleen but the title and feel of your blog post are such a testament to your spirit and who you are. I so admire you. Wishing you countless more blessings to come Lovely! I just know they're on their way. X ps tell Scott we're all super impressed by the bad ass scar!

  5. I hope that 4 days later things are looking up for you Poppet! Will be thinking of you xx