Monday 9 April 2012

in the zone

Ok sorry about the awful title but it does sum up why yet again I have been AWOL. I recently made a board of all the concepts in my notebooks that I felt would make good designs, it's a rather grand total of 35, I'm not going to get them all done over the next few weeks but I am keen to whittle the todo list down.
Since opening the shop I have introduced new work as and when they're done, the odd piece here the odd piece there. However for this release I wanted to work more like a fashion designer might and create a line of designs on a theme, which will be launch together. This hasn't been an easy way to work, particularly financially but hopefully it's been worth it as I'm really pleased with how things are coming together. The new line is definitely a progression but hopefully without losing the elements that make it feel like mine. As always, I'm writing most of the copy as well as drawing, designing and working out production. I'm 7 designs down and I'm aiming for a finished line of 12 pieces. At this point I'm pretty mentally shattered but my hands are serving me well and seem to be drawing faster and with more accurately each day. Above a preview of a tee design in progress from scribbled idea to artworked design. Thanks to a couple of cool folks on social media for pointing me in the direction of this version of the old quote. I'm aiming for a release date of early May.

Well I'm publicly announcing deadlines I've also made a pact, of sorts with some fellow designer types on twitter to get my rebrand and website sorted (kind of) by the 4 May. I'm very thankful for Amy Potter and Liora of Toodles Noodle for being part of this plan because it might actually get me to stick to a deadline for once.


  1. This is great! I am excited to see your new line. I have often wanted to approach new designs like this, releasing them as a big line. Alas I never find the time and patience.

    I am excited to see your rebranding too!


  2. I'm so in awe of your 35 ideas long list! Must feel great to have all that inspiration to get stuck in to. Can't wait to see the whole collection. I love that skull print.