Tuesday 18 September 2012

Busy having birthdays!

Oh dear it's been far too long between posts. I'm not sure why maybe just a lack of exciting news to write about. Here in Dunedin we have mostly been trying to keep warm and dry. I'm very pleased to report winter is over and we now have some much needed sunshine.

'Dear Colleen' is ticking along. Back in August I had a fun/stressful (I hate being photographed) photo stoot for one of my favourite New Zealand publications, so I'm very excited for that to be on the selves towards the end of the year. I'm slowly working away on a handful of new designs including an idea which I've had sitting around in sketchbooks for over a decade. Hopefully these will be ready for release mid/late October. 

My boyfriend Scott and I also celebrated our birthdays (hence the title). We both had lovely days, Scott spoiled me rotten on mine and bought me this beautiful yellow cambridge satchel from the wonderful Wocolate

But I digress! I was actually writing about birthdays so I could share the magical custom toy I had made for Scott by Melbourne base artist Cat Rabbit. Chances are you've already heard of her but if not you really should check her work out as it's amazing. I asked her to make a rabbit toy portrait of Scott wearing his teen wolf tee and our dog Castro as a fur hat. This photo doesn't really even beging to show how amazing it is in person. The thing is, it's really hard to photograph as Castro is obsessed with it, I think he's itching to tear it to shreds. Maybe he just objects to being turned into a fur hat!

Really am sorry it's been so long between posts. I have a couple of things I would like to share in the coming weeks so I'm promise to write again soon.