Tuesday 29 January 2013

Catfish: February, Printable Freestanding Calendar

Hello, I'm a little behind with blogging, sorry. We've been very busy packing up our home and my studio. I'm pretty worried I might not have internet for a few days so i thought I'd better get the February calendar up now! This months cutie is a charming Catfish. Most cats don't like water but this feline mermaid can't get enough of it (not really though, she's made of paper and will most likely full apart). The steps are laid out below and are very easy.

Download the 'Catfish' calendar here... 

1. You don't need much to make the Catfish,  just some thick paper/card, a ruler, scissors and double sided tape or glue. Firstly download and print out the design.
2. Use the back edge of the scissors and a ruler, score along the grey fold lines. Be careful not to score through the ears and remember to score the tail so it folds!

4. Using a small sharp pair of scissors cut along the black dotted line. Go slowly when cutting around the ears, finns and tail, these are a little tricky.

5. Once you've cut the Catfish out fold along the scored grey lines.

 6. Put double sided tape or glue on the top side of each flap. Stick the flaps to the body, so the flaps stick behind the adjacent part of the body.

7. Stand on your desk and enjoy