Saturday 26 June 2010

numbers game...

At the start of last week my Etsy shop hit 400 sales, my first 300 just happen so fast that I didn't really think about the number, well not that much anyway. I'm very happy to have made it to 400 because 500 is now feeling very much in sight - when I hit 500 I'm going to make some homemade pizza buy in some cheep wine and throw a little party. 500 feels like a big number to me and somehow makes hitting a 1,000 much more possible.

The other number I should mention is lucky number 11 who won my online competition. This time I took a screen shot, as my last competition was won by two people I talk to online quite a lot, in fact once I realized who had won I nearly picked the numbers again... but that wouldn't have been right either.

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