Sunday 14 October 2012

New Stuff

Sorry, no I clearly couldn't think of a better title for this post but as folks say 'it does what it says on the tin'. I have a few new items coming out this week (not in the exciting gay way, I'm not sure paper goods have any sexuality! Although that's a whole new interesting thought). If you're keen to be the first to see then sign up to my mailing list. It's easy just type your email at the side on the blog bar where it says 'Subscribe to our mailing list'. I aim to do 3 letters a year, 4 max so I'm not much of a spammer. Below is a little sample of some of the illustrations I've been working on recently. 

News from my life is all rather boring at the moment, it's meant to be Spring here in New Zealand and we are having some beautiful sunny days mixed in with cold spells and torrential rain. It's funny how you start to care a lot more about the weather when you have a dog that needs walking twice a day. I've been awfully hooked to a couple of trash telly shows mostly the hyper bitchy Gallery Girls (shakes head in shame) and Ink Masters. An American show where tattoo artists compete for a prize of $100,000 by tattooing real people (who are the fools that valentie for this!). I'm doing lots of drawing/illustration work at the moment and I like the TV as background rather that music. This means I'm half watching a shameful amount of it. If any one has any program gems to share or recommendations for podcasts I'd love to hear them.

One final piece of info, I'm selling at Market22 in Dunedin on Saturday 27, 9am till 3.30pm, 22 Vogel Street. This might be the only Dunedin market I manage in the run up to Christmas so if you're local please do drop by to say Hello.

Friday 5 October 2012

Market time

I know it's only October but I'm going to drop the C word. Working with products for retail, means Christmas starts creeping up on you a little ahead of most. I know of creatives that started planning their Christmas designs as early as May! I'm never one to be that organised but I am gearing up for a couple of pre Christmas Markets. 

I have a friend manning a table for me in Wellington for Craft2.0, which is now at the St James Theater on Courtenay Place (I'm so sad I can't make it up myself but the date clashes with some other stuff). I've been working on the marketing material for the fair, which has been greet fun. I really like the little Craft2.0 creatures. If any Wellingtonians get chance to snap a picture of the posters or banners once they start popping up, please let me know as I would love to see what they look like out in the real world.

I'm also heading up to Auckland for 24 November MoAD market at Tyler St. Garage, 120 Quay Street Britomart. Although truth be told I'm using this visit as an excuse to catch up with friends as much as a business trip.

I was also very excited to see word of a new art and design fair being set up in Dunedin called Market 22. I'll let people know if I get a sellers spot. Hopefully I'll get to see a few friendly faces, it's always so lovely to meet customers in person.