Tuesday 30 July 2013

Amanda Wachob

Image from www.amandawachob.com/blog

I don't usually wright much about other artist, mostly because I keep this blog as a journal for my own creative journey. But last night I stubbled across Amanda Wachobs' work and was really blow away. She's one of those modern creatives crossing the line between tattooing and painting. 

Plus Minus | Bloodline tattoo
Untitled | Tattooed and painted canvas

I don't have any tattoos myself and am not sure if I ever will. I do however spend time thinking about what I would get if I ever took the plunge. Botanical and painterly are the words that best sum up the image in my imagination. 
Image from www.amandawachob.com/blog
Image from www.amandawachob.com/blog

Image from www.amandawachob.com/blog

Her tattoos go far beyond what I had dreamed up. I'm hopelessly smitten with her fluid brush stroke tattoos. She's based in Brooklyn New York and if I ever save the money to go back I hope very much she might be able to fit me in.

Sunday 28 July 2013

A Date with Ryan Gosling (Sort of)

Oh goodness it's been a couple of months between posts. Mostly down to getting my gallbladder taken out... Turns out I was pretty sick and my gallbladder was fairly close to exploding or what ever it's medically called (rupturing I think). Anyway it ended up being a bigger op than planned and a longer recovery. I'm doing great now though.

Anyway on a positive note I got a lovely email from Tina Gephart a few weeks ago, Sorry Tina for being so slow in sharing this. Tina and friends have been taking the Ryan Gosling tea towel on a number of exciting adventures. These girls must be very good friends as they seem happy sharing him on their dates, I'm not sure I would be so kindhearted.

It was a lovely surprise to see these pictures, I often wonder where my products go and how they are received by their new owners. Tina, thank you for having such a laugh and for sharing the fun with me.

Here's Ryan at the Movies, watching the Great Gatsby. Wonder if he liked Leonardo Dicaprio in it, maybe he was jealous of his pink suit!

Ryan enjoying pan cakes for breakfast on a beautiful morning in Manly New South Wale, Australia.

What a gent, Ryan picking up the tab for some crazy Melbourne girls visiting Manly.

Finally the beautiful Cayte was presented with the Ryan Tea Towel from Tina in Gundaghai, New South Wale.

 Huge THANK YOU to Tina for sharing!