Saturday 27 February 2010

calling all knitters

Hello my name's colleen (look at my bio to find out more) and this is my etsy shop. If you don't like or don't get my sense of humour this won't be the right project for you, if you do I have two design ideas for gloves and I'm looking for a skilled crafts woman/man to bring them to life. I'm looking for a really high finish because the design has some intricate parts, so you really do need to be good at your craft.
My proposal is that we can both sell the products in our shops. We split material costs 50/50, profits can be negotiated but as you'll be putting in the hard work I would make sure your percentage was higher I'm thinking 70% - 30%. I want my name on the products on a little tag at the side, but two gloves two names so I'm happy for you to do the same (I'll sort the tags but we can talk about this later). If this sounds good to you send me a message through etsy or felt with a link to your shop or leave a comment below. I'm in Wellington NewZealand so if you are as well that would make life easier, but I'm open to all offers.

What I have to offer, well I've only been doing this for two weeks so not much on the shop front, but I'm a trained graphic designer with a good track record (I've worked with some of the worlds biggest companies). I have a good understanding of marketing. I'm pretty sure the gloves are going to have editorial value so there will be a good chance to getting your work in magazines. I'm also great fun to work with. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

*I'm not going to be online much today so will get back early next week.

Thursday 25 February 2010

black rosettes and rubber stamps

Wow my orders are back in. I’m now the proud owner of twenty beautiful black with gold text LOSER rosettes. This is the third addition of my 2005 design and the first time the design has been made in black. Ribbons plus really have made a fine job of it, my thanks to Tony and Kate. If you’re in the Wellington region and need some rosettes or indeed ribbons they come highly recommended.
I also now have some rubbers stamps courtesy of Craig at rubber stamp. Really fast turn over I only sent the artwork yesterday! I’m frilled to have my new toys to play with. I’m going to make my business cards from the off cuts of my prints. Please someone buy something so I can use them.

In other news I saw Brett from flight of the conchords on Cuba Street on my way to pick up the stamps. Lucky I spotted him in good time so I didn’t do my usual when seeing someone famous and say hello because I think I know them, sadly I’ve done that more than once (in fact more than four times). He’s much taller than I thought and looked like he really didn’t want to be noticed… I walked by quickly and tried not to stare.

Finally some more nice people have put my work in their blog:

Wednesday 24 February 2010

snap shot...

I’ve just been going through all the old photos on my camera because I’ve set myself a goal of getting all the shots I took in America up on flickr by the end of the week, but I ended up wasting an hour or two on a trip down memory lane as I rediscovered all the photos I had taken over the last year and a bit. I have a really good memory and on the whole I would rather just enjoy the moment than take a photo so it’s interesting seeing again what I thought was worth capturing and why. Anyway here’s a little snap shot of my life before I moved to the other side of the world… Visiting Katherine at Lacock. How lucky was I to have a friend living and working in this beautiful village. I got to spend the weekend there for free. Some try hard arty shots I took in Paris. I had just the lovelest city break with my sweet friend Fi. I hope she’ll reads this… thinking of you Fi and will be in touch soon. Snow in Bristol, really glad to have missed the white out the UK is going through. This tiny bit of snow last year was such a nightmare. Trying to walk the three miles to work without falling on my ass was not fun. Meeting Gilly and her girls at her families farm in the boarders. I had a lovely few days and worked out my plans for escape to NewZealand. Ricky and Sophs wedding in France. A lovely wedding and a lovely holiday so pleased you asked me and nice to see you settled at last Ricky boy. Mike and Justins, M&J fancy dress. I’m still pretty proud that my micro wave won best custom… the standards where very high. My beautiful old bike and the cycle route around my parents home in the wonderful north somerset country side. Last but not least, Teddy my (hairy) baby boy. I can’t think about him too much or I’ll cry. I’m looking forward to getting a big hug again soon.
*I just found out after writing this that our families oldest dog Bear died yesterday. My love to Mum and Dad. Billy Bear was the sweetest natured of any of the dogs we've owned and seemed to have a long term plan to live forever by only moving when absolutely necessary, he didn't quite reach this goal but he was a very old boy.

Monday 22 February 2010

good day for a bad photographer…

I’m rubbish at photography… 'thank god for Photoshop' could be my motto but I’m pleased as punch with this photo. You have to love the 1950’s toy piano and $1 flowers from the dairy (that’s what they call corner shops over here.

upside down life

Wow I’ve been in NewZealand three months already and on the whole it’s gone pretty fast. I’ve spent nearly all my time at Gilly and Unge’s lovely big house in Wellington - see pictures above. I’m very lucky to have such accommodating friends and will pay them back (in cold hard cash) as soon as I pull a job out of the bag. Gilly and Unge’s house is currently home to seven people. Gilly, Unge and their 20-month year old twin daughters, Molly who’s a nice guy and fellow waif and stray, me and Jimmy the dog (don’t tell anyone but he’s my favourite). I’ve spent so much time with the twins that I’ve turned from a woman with little understanding or interest in children to completely falling in love with these wee girls. I can now change a nappy, trick them into eating and sing rock-a-by bear as well as many other songs from the wiggles. My life has totally changed and even though it’s not always clear, really deep down I know it’s been good for me. It was not easy making up my mind to take time out of my oh so glamorous (insert over the top eye roll here) career as a designer, but no regrets, I left feeling disillusioned, untalented and spent – thank god I no longer feel that way. Last week I stared my etsy shop which I’ve been thinking about doing for over a year and that’s making me very happy, I don’t expect it to keep me in champagne or anything, but it’s keeping my head busy and I’m meeting (virtually) lots of lovely people alone the way. Anyone planning to set up on etsy should just go for it. Anyway I’m mean to be talking about NewZealand, here are my top three highlights for the three months I’ve been here.

ONE- Gilly surprising me with tickets to see Jarvis Cocker. He was just great (I must buy his new album). He was very very funny live and wonderfully English. The girls in the front row were mad crazy for him I’ve never seen anything like it, the bodyguards had to fight them off the stage. It all took me back to being 16 and listening to common people.
TWO- Visiting the beach and getting amazing hot weather. I now have a tan, which isn’t quite right I miss my porcelain skin. The house, right on the beach, the aqua blue sea the perfect blue skies just wonderful and so empty because NewZealand really does have a tiny population.

THREE- Spots all over Wellington for the Yayoi Kusama show. It was so unexpected her show being in town after missing it in London. Had to wait for half an hour before we could get in so ate ice-cream with a fork (don't ask). It was just a fab exhibition, so sixties.

There have been many more great moments but mostly it’s just nice to have freedom and to have one of my favourite people back in my life.

in the bag

I packed up my first print and sent it on it's way to America on Monday. I hope, I hope, I hope it gets there ok without being bent sat on or set fire to.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Oh it's so late...

but it turns out I'm an addict and can't stop with etsy. It's been a day of making business friends and I guess to put it bluntly using friends for business I'm basically no more than a sponger at the moment but at least I'm doing it in an open honest way, that helps me sleep at night.

Talking of business I've found some very nice people at ribbons plus who are going to make some sexy new black rosettes for me very excited should have them in my shop this time next week and in real shops before the end of the month. I'm doing some networking and pulling some string to get some magazine coverage and I'm starting to show up in treasuries (if you know etsy you'll know this is a big deal) and have made a tiny appearance on S and O productions blog. Treasury Tuesday what a great idea not only are they doing a really nice thing they also must get loads of hits as every person featured is going to visit and put links to their site... Smart smart girls.

Oh and I've made the front page of felt again somehow I'm starting to think it's not that hard to make the front page... And one last thing yes Mum (for once it wasn't a typo) I meant to put twits not twins it's what I call them.

Sunday 14 February 2010

front page

ok ok I'm miles behide with posting on the blog (I so miss my own computer being on line) but as of this week I have taken over Unges and Gillys PC, which I can hardly work, macs are better it's just a fact. I'm still in the middle of job limbo basically I'm on a few design agencies waiting lists and as soon as they land that big client or someone else leaves I'm in there. Anyway long and short I'm sick of worrying, stressing and waiting so have finally done what I set out to do when I quit my last job and have started making my own work. I've had an empty etsy shop sat around for the past year, but now I have listed a few items just prints for the time being but I have lots of ideas for other things. I'm also posting with a NewZealand store called felt and two days in and I made the front page. I'll be back soon with some lovely pictures of the beach, the twits and the lovely NewZealand summer I'm having.