Sunday 14 February 2010

front page

ok ok I'm miles behide with posting on the blog (I so miss my own computer being on line) but as of this week I have taken over Unges and Gillys PC, which I can hardly work, macs are better it's just a fact. I'm still in the middle of job limbo basically I'm on a few design agencies waiting lists and as soon as they land that big client or someone else leaves I'm in there. Anyway long and short I'm sick of worrying, stressing and waiting so have finally done what I set out to do when I quit my last job and have started making my own work. I've had an empty etsy shop sat around for the past year, but now I have listed a few items just prints for the time being but I have lots of ideas for other things. I'm also posting with a NewZealand store called felt and two days in and I made the front page. I'll be back soon with some lovely pictures of the beach, the twits and the lovely NewZealand summer I'm having.

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