Monday 22 February 2010

upside down life

Wow I’ve been in NewZealand three months already and on the whole it’s gone pretty fast. I’ve spent nearly all my time at Gilly and Unge’s lovely big house in Wellington - see pictures above. I’m very lucky to have such accommodating friends and will pay them back (in cold hard cash) as soon as I pull a job out of the bag. Gilly and Unge’s house is currently home to seven people. Gilly, Unge and their 20-month year old twin daughters, Molly who’s a nice guy and fellow waif and stray, me and Jimmy the dog (don’t tell anyone but he’s my favourite). I’ve spent so much time with the twins that I’ve turned from a woman with little understanding or interest in children to completely falling in love with these wee girls. I can now change a nappy, trick them into eating and sing rock-a-by bear as well as many other songs from the wiggles. My life has totally changed and even though it’s not always clear, really deep down I know it’s been good for me. It was not easy making up my mind to take time out of my oh so glamorous (insert over the top eye roll here) career as a designer, but no regrets, I left feeling disillusioned, untalented and spent – thank god I no longer feel that way. Last week I stared my etsy shop which I’ve been thinking about doing for over a year and that’s making me very happy, I don’t expect it to keep me in champagne or anything, but it’s keeping my head busy and I’m meeting (virtually) lots of lovely people alone the way. Anyone planning to set up on etsy should just go for it. Anyway I’m mean to be talking about NewZealand, here are my top three highlights for the three months I’ve been here.

ONE- Gilly surprising me with tickets to see Jarvis Cocker. He was just great (I must buy his new album). He was very very funny live and wonderfully English. The girls in the front row were mad crazy for him I’ve never seen anything like it, the bodyguards had to fight them off the stage. It all took me back to being 16 and listening to common people.
TWO- Visiting the beach and getting amazing hot weather. I now have a tan, which isn’t quite right I miss my porcelain skin. The house, right on the beach, the aqua blue sea the perfect blue skies just wonderful and so empty because NewZealand really does have a tiny population.

THREE- Spots all over Wellington for the Yayoi Kusama show. It was so unexpected her show being in town after missing it in London. Had to wait for half an hour before we could get in so ate ice-cream with a fork (don't ask). It was just a fab exhibition, so sixties.

There have been many more great moments but mostly it’s just nice to have freedom and to have one of my favourite people back in my life.

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