Thursday 25 February 2010

black rosettes and rubber stamps

Wow my orders are back in. I’m now the proud owner of twenty beautiful black with gold text LOSER rosettes. This is the third addition of my 2005 design and the first time the design has been made in black. Ribbons plus really have made a fine job of it, my thanks to Tony and Kate. If you’re in the Wellington region and need some rosettes or indeed ribbons they come highly recommended.
I also now have some rubbers stamps courtesy of Craig at rubber stamp. Really fast turn over I only sent the artwork yesterday! I’m frilled to have my new toys to play with. I’m going to make my business cards from the off cuts of my prints. Please someone buy something so I can use them.

In other news I saw Brett from flight of the conchords on Cuba Street on my way to pick up the stamps. Lucky I spotted him in good time so I didn’t do my usual when seeing someone famous and say hello because I think I know them, sadly I’ve done that more than once (in fact more than four times). He’s much taller than I thought and looked like he really didn’t want to be noticed… I walked by quickly and tried not to stare.

Finally some more nice people have put my work in their blog:

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