Wednesday 17 February 2010

Oh it's so late...

but it turns out I'm an addict and can't stop with etsy. It's been a day of making business friends and I guess to put it bluntly using friends for business I'm basically no more than a sponger at the moment but at least I'm doing it in an open honest way, that helps me sleep at night.

Talking of business I've found some very nice people at ribbons plus who are going to make some sexy new black rosettes for me very excited should have them in my shop this time next week and in real shops before the end of the month. I'm doing some networking and pulling some string to get some magazine coverage and I'm starting to show up in treasuries (if you know etsy you'll know this is a big deal) and have made a tiny appearance on S and O productions blog. Treasury Tuesday what a great idea not only are they doing a really nice thing they also must get loads of hits as every person featured is going to visit and put links to their site... Smart smart girls.

Oh and I've made the front page of felt again somehow I'm starting to think it's not that hard to make the front page... And one last thing yes Mum (for once it wasn't a typo) I meant to put twits not twins it's what I call them.

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