Wednesday 24 February 2010

snap shot...

I’ve just been going through all the old photos on my camera because I’ve set myself a goal of getting all the shots I took in America up on flickr by the end of the week, but I ended up wasting an hour or two on a trip down memory lane as I rediscovered all the photos I had taken over the last year and a bit. I have a really good memory and on the whole I would rather just enjoy the moment than take a photo so it’s interesting seeing again what I thought was worth capturing and why. Anyway here’s a little snap shot of my life before I moved to the other side of the world… Visiting Katherine at Lacock. How lucky was I to have a friend living and working in this beautiful village. I got to spend the weekend there for free. Some try hard arty shots I took in Paris. I had just the lovelest city break with my sweet friend Fi. I hope she’ll reads this… thinking of you Fi and will be in touch soon. Snow in Bristol, really glad to have missed the white out the UK is going through. This tiny bit of snow last year was such a nightmare. Trying to walk the three miles to work without falling on my ass was not fun. Meeting Gilly and her girls at her families farm in the boarders. I had a lovely few days and worked out my plans for escape to NewZealand. Ricky and Sophs wedding in France. A lovely wedding and a lovely holiday so pleased you asked me and nice to see you settled at last Ricky boy. Mike and Justins, M&J fancy dress. I’m still pretty proud that my micro wave won best custom… the standards where very high. My beautiful old bike and the cycle route around my parents home in the wonderful north somerset country side. Last but not least, Teddy my (hairy) baby boy. I can’t think about him too much or I’ll cry. I’m looking forward to getting a big hug again soon.
*I just found out after writing this that our families oldest dog Bear died yesterday. My love to Mum and Dad. Billy Bear was the sweetest natured of any of the dogs we've owned and seemed to have a long term plan to live forever by only moving when absolutely necessary, he didn't quite reach this goal but he was a very old boy.

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