Saturday 27 February 2010

calling all knitters

Hello my name's colleen (look at my bio to find out more) and this is my etsy shop. If you don't like or don't get my sense of humour this won't be the right project for you, if you do I have two design ideas for gloves and I'm looking for a skilled crafts woman/man to bring them to life. I'm looking for a really high finish because the design has some intricate parts, so you really do need to be good at your craft.
My proposal is that we can both sell the products in our shops. We split material costs 50/50, profits can be negotiated but as you'll be putting in the hard work I would make sure your percentage was higher I'm thinking 70% - 30%. I want my name on the products on a little tag at the side, but two gloves two names so I'm happy for you to do the same (I'll sort the tags but we can talk about this later). If this sounds good to you send me a message through etsy or felt with a link to your shop or leave a comment below. I'm in Wellington NewZealand so if you are as well that would make life easier, but I'm open to all offers.

What I have to offer, well I've only been doing this for two weeks so not much on the shop front, but I'm a trained graphic designer with a good track record (I've worked with some of the worlds biggest companies). I have a good understanding of marketing. I'm pretty sure the gloves are going to have editorial value so there will be a good chance to getting your work in magazines. I'm also great fun to work with. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

*I'm not going to be online much today so will get back early next week.

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