Thursday 14 October 2010

Here comes the sun…

Here in New Zealand (or Auckland at least) for the past week or so it has finally felt like spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Down under it's widely believed that we Antipodeans are seasons behind in fashion, we wear our northern friends' summer cast-offs and are happy with that. I for one am no longer that happy playing little sister to the rest of the world and settling for trend hand-me-downs. I've been thinking about this and quite frankly, there's no reason to, given that Spring collections are shown at New York, Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks in September. This gives us (weather dependent) a good couple of months to pick up some trends and run with them.

I'm looking at the recent collections shown in fashion week and thinking about how I can make them my own this summer. I can't afford to buy much (if any) designer, but the inspiration is endless and I have a clear vibe and palette in my mind to keep my eyes peeled for pieces that will be on trend. With S/S 11 still firmly tipping its hat (Fedora whatever) to the 60's, 70's and 80's it's well worth taking some time to scour the op shops, markets and vintage shops for the good stuff (start now, when everyone else is still looking for capes and shearling jackets).

Personally I'll be taking my cues from designers like Lauren Moffatt with her retro holiday feel, light palette, nipped in waists, obligatory summer stripes and well-fitting shorts. These outfits from her spring lookbook (the collection is entitled 'The Honeymooner and What She Packed', how lovely is that?) are what really got me thinking about summer.

Regardless of trends everyone has their own style and with skin-bearing summer it's always important to do your own thing and wear what you feel comfortable and good in. My summer must, must, must have is a pair of smart, lightweight shorts and some breton stripes (t-shirts, cardigan, anything). What will you be wearing this summer? (or next summer for those on the other side of the earth!)

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  1. a huge 'thank you' to Evie for a wonderful post - I'm in love with the little red blue and white striped dress. Next week fingers cross the blog will be back on track, real life kicked me up the ass this week and I simple couldn't fit it in:)