Thursday 7 October 2010

introducing fashion friday

I'm very pleased to bring you Evie Kemps first ‘Fashion Friday’. I wanted to get Evie onboard for a few reasons; firstly once I decided to change the content of this blog to focus on indie design I know it would be important to introduce fashion into the debate. I see fashion as the best example of art, design and craft all meeting to form an industry. I also believe fashion to be the most universally understood and spoken about creative art. Like it or not fashion touches your life and shows a form of creative self-expression. Sadly despite understanding the importantance of fashion I really don’t have much know-how, enter Evie. Over the past few months I’ve been I silent visitor to Miss Kemps own blog finding it a useful place to pick up snip bits of style info. It’s hard to find fashion writing that’s inclusive rather that elitist – Even though Evie often looks at high-end designers she does this with a charming and warm girl next-door perspective. I’m frilled to bring this perspective to my blog, so without further ado I’ll let Evie introduce herself.

Hello! I'm Evie, and I'm going to be writing on fashion here every Friday. Writing this weekly post is something I'm really excited about. I’m looking forward to seeing this blog move forward. I jumped at the opportunity to put something together but admittedly am sitting here biting my lip and worrying about what to write.

So, I'll start with the basics, I am not a fashion designer in any shape or form. I'm a fashion lover, spectator and a chronic shopper. I'm 23 and live in a little cottage in Auckland, NZ with my boyfriend Sam and our two dogs Bonnie & Jasper. I'm loath to take photos of myself so a myspacey mugshot is the best I can do. I follow more blogs than I can handle, and buy more shoes than I can wear (I have blisters today, naturally). I suppose first and foremost I'd consider myself an illustrator, but really I like to try my hand at everything. Fashion is absolutely my most favourite thing, I love to look at it, read about it, buy it and talk about it. I recently left my job to pursue more fun and exciting things and this blog is one of them.

Friday's emphasis will be on the independent designer and fashion scene in all its forms. I'll be mixing it up with some interviews, tips, trends, how-to's and of course lots of gorgeous clothes (not forgetting accessories). I'll state here and now, these Fridays are not about sewing but fashion and it's design. I'll expand on this more next week but hopefully that's a good starting point of what to expect!

I'm quite opinionated, but for the most part very nice. I love to talk and am really hoping I can make these Friday's into a fashion conversation. So, if you have ideas, thoughts, criticisms or comments please do comment below or email me at or tweet me @eviekemp.

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