Sunday 12 September 2010

now and then

I watched the eighties coming of age brat pack classic St Elmo's Fire yesterday. I've seen this film once before when I was fifteen and it made quite an impression on me. It was funny watching it again as a grown up with a whole different view of the world. I thought it would be fun to play a little game of now and then - or rather then and now.I guess the big difference is when I first saw it they seemed like role models, now they seem like spoilt kids, which of cause is the point. Then I thought the shy sweet 'Wendy' and the pretty party boy Billy should get marry and live happily ever after - now I can see that Billy not that respectful of women. I'm not at all sure why I couldn't spot that at the time.
The story threads about Kirby (Emilio Estevez) one of the leading male characters developing an obsession with a woman he met in college (Andie MacDewell). When I was fifteen I thought he was amazing, romantic and didn't understand why she didn't fall for him - now I think he's a stalker. Really what was wrong with my view of men at fifteen.
Then (about 1995) I thought the fashion was dated - now I think their bang on, boy the circle of fashion is a funny old thing. I found myself watching it yesterday in nearly the same outfit as Alec Newbury (Judd Nelson) minus the dressing-gown (as shown above).The one thing that really made an impression on me and I still pretty much feel the same about was the apartment of the main couple. I have never forgotten the amazing huge photo wall, like having a billboard in you living room I wanted one then and I would still love one now. I also like/liked the white walled open plan space. At the time it was my dream home and you know what it still pretty much is but maybe without quite so many glass bricks.


  1. i totally had similar thoughts when i recently re-watched Top Gun. i was sooo icked-out by Tom Cruise's character! lol

  2. Fab post :-)
    We watched it too - I think a younger me was impressed by their apparent disregard for 'the establishment' watching it again the other night I thought it was a little depressing - maybe I missed my youth :-D