Monday 10 January 2011

and on to 2011...

Trend forecasting must be a scary occupation. Simultaneously looking in to the future and in a way dictating it.

I've been looking through the S/S 2011 collections and reading what I can to try and figure out what we should or might be wearing later in the year but to be honest, while I love a lot of what I see there are things that I hope stay on last years runway never to return. I've put together another list of what we canexpect to be seeing a lot of this year. Perhaps in 12 months I can look back and compare notes.

The 90's/minimalism

Starting with the bad news is the return of the 90's, specifically the 90's shift. Simple (or no) tailoring, spaghetti straps, straight up and down. Generally looks awful on anyone but a model and even then it doesn't look that amazing. Think Victoria Beckham at the beginning of the Spice Girls.Technically it's called minimalism but we all know where we saw it first. I do love fashion but this is a trend I don't want to see. But, please feel free to argue against me!

Statement sunglasses and hats

I personally love a huge pair of sunglasses though for the past two summers they have been put aside for a generally more understated pair. I can't wait to get to get a new jumbo pair that will hide most of my face. The rule here is do think retro and preferably round or even with a bit of a cats eye thing going on. Again, sorry for the Posh Spice references but avoid the big black rectangular styles favoured by her a few years back. I love this pair by Karen Walker though coloured frames could be even better. Hat-wise consider donating your trilbies and panamas to your Dad for a while and dare to wear a bucket style, hugely wide brimmed floppy hat, or even better, a sombrero. I kid you not.

The 70's

We already saw a fair bit of this last year and the hats (above) already gave it away but expect the 70's to be the over-riding influence this year, more so than the more mid-century styles we saw last year. High-waisted mega flares, silk blouses, halter necks and maxi skirts and dresses should all be getting a lot of face time. Clompy clog sandals and buckle sandals for summer feet. Do think more 1973 resort that 1979 supermarket shopping.

Print and colour

Again, entirely connected to the above prints should be bold, bright and clashing or alternatively colour block to the extreme. 2011 is supposed to be a year of some seriously amazing colours and you're supposed to be combining them in ways Rothko and Newman would be extremely proud of. Pantone declared this years colour 'HoneySuckle pink' which is a kind of pinker shade of watermelon, add to this tangerine and a true turquoise. Darker jewel colours will also be popular particular citrine and ruby.

No print and no colour

If you're not one for colour a minimalist palette is also supposed to big news this year (though really when isn't it?). White especially is looking good, team with tans and various earth colours (see 2010). Texture though will be important, in either slinky luxe silk or pretty lace dresses in black or white. I for one will not really be too bothered with this. I love colour too much.

Additional notes

Heels should return to a stacked platform although the kitten heel is supposed to remain wafting around (boo).

Key accessories should include a silk scarf worn around your head, neck or hat.

Leather and studs are supposed to remain in Vogue.

Remember style doesn't change overnight so many of last years trends will still be valid.

I'm interested to know what you think will be big (or not) this year and if you have any personal style trends that you'll be adopting/carrying over. Personally I really want to run with the colours, especially pairing colour with colour and eliminating a lot of black or tan type combinations. I also want to start working more high quality fabrics in to my wardrobe because they really do look so much more amazing.

What are you going to wear this year?

All photos except sunglasses by Karen Walker


  1. I am with you re: colour. I am always trying to get away from boring old black!

    And a return to the shapeless spaghetti strap 90's? Please no! Useless for girls with boobs and butt!

  2. Ok, I'm a little late commenting, but here goes...

    I think/hope FLATS will be big this year. I've seen them on some runways (I think it was Karl Lagerfield who recently said he's tired of seeing women walk in super high heels) and I am ALL FOR IT. Although I love drooling over gorgeous heels, I can barely walk in them (maybe it's the big screw in my foot? lol) so, yeah... cute flats!!!

    And I'm all about the big sunglasses as well. I've been wearing some wayfarer-esque sunnies this year, which I love, but I've got my eye out for some nice big cateyes.