Thursday 7 April 2011

The important role of Project Runway

fashion friday by Evie Kemp

Here in New Zealand, the arty crafty fashion posse that we all (albeit unofficially) belong to, go gaga for Project Runway. Last night, season 8 began on our screens (if you already know the outcome I BEG you to keep your lips sealed!) and I actually did a little dance when I found out it was playing.

Project Runway really is just your typical reality TV show. The contestants are for the most part melodramatic airheads and half of them seemingly can't sew. The projects are more often than not tasteless and tacky and the entire show is one hour of hardcore product placement (yes we noticed you HP, BlueFly now Piperlime, L'oreal and Mood). So, what makes it so enjoyable to watch and so hard to look away from?

The answer is simple really. It's the ability to sit there and cringe, bitch and criticise. In this lovely handmade and indie designed world we are just so nice to each other. Don't get me wrong, I love that and I think we should be nice to each other. But it is so refreshing and fun to sit and mime throwing-up in front of the tv while yet another Project Runway catastrophe comes down the catwalk. It all gets very critical but then when something genuinely good comes out we can get all excited about that.

When you create your own designs/art/jewellery/clothing for a living you can get caught up in feeling like you're the one being judged. Once a week, Thursdays at 9.30pm to be precise, it's fun to be the judge.

If you want to join in with some healthy criticism at that time, feel free to come on twitter and follow me @eviekemp, Colleen @DearColleen and our merry group of PR critics.

Is this why you watch Project Runway?

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  1. Yes indeed Colleen but I also watch it as the American self-assurance/ego mania fasinates me! Its excately why NZ could never pull it off. We just don't have the egos!