Wednesday 9 May 2012

Allbell studio

This is just a short post about a few things happening this Friday night in and around Allbell studio, Dunedin (the building my space is in). The talented photographers Emily Hlavac Green and Alex Lovell-Smith have partnered up to form a new business venture A&E Studio, it's their opening at 5.30pm, then another studiomates, Moodie Tuesday (Official), are launching over the road at The Attic and after that The shocking and stunning are playing The Attic Rattle.

It sounds like that's friday night taken care of then. If you'r in Dunedin you're welcome to drop by and say hello. I'll be hanging around for the first half of the evening at least and if you ask nicely I might let you take a quick tour of my space:) 

Level 2, Allbell Chambers, 127 Lower Stuart Street Dunedin.

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