Saturday 13 April 2013

Secret Garden...

I called this post Secret Garden because I had no idea it existed until last weekend when Scott and I were walking the dog and stumbled across it. In fact it's not secret at all it's the North East Valley Community Garden

This blog post has nothing much to do with anything apart from the fact it's a lovely Autumn Sunday here in Dunedin and we walked back there this morning to take some pictures. The space is very peaceful, placed on a hill looking out over the city. There's something about the idea of a vegetable garden for the community that I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge. I'm not sure if you can read the sign above 'Please give a little of your time and labour if you wish to harvest- THANKS'... Seems more than fair to me!

It's pretty much the end of the growing season now in New Zealand but Scott and I will be going along to help out next season, not that either of us are green fingered but we'll learn.

Above images of some of the practical parts of running the garden including a beehive, compost bins made from pallets and a pretty complex irrigation system. 

Greenhouse growing tomatos, peppers and chillies. It smells amazing in there. Someone I knew most of have a greenhouse when I was a kid as the smell took me back but I can't remember who's it was.


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    1. it's so cool, right:) I'm sure there must be something like this in Wellington I just never found it.