Sunday 26 May 2013

Gallimaufry, a zine about mixed up creatures

Getting this zine done over the past month has been a small win for me. It maybe a tiny, inexpensive item and I'm not imagining it's going to be a huge seller but it's been the only creative project I've been able to focus on lately and the full outpouring of my imagination.

The freelance gig I stared in February is still full on and I'm finding fitting in my Dear Colleen work next to impossible, beyond making sure orders get packed up in a timely manner. I find myself questioning a lot lately if it's really worth my time, if this is the career I want? Anyhow doing work like 'Gallimaufry' reminds me why I love being an independent designer. I can not imagine ever getting paid to produce work like this.

Gallimaufry []; hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley
A zine about the left over elements from mythical creatures. This is very much a publication for my 12 year old self who was obsessed with reading and re-reading the 'kid friendly' greek mythology book in my special needs class (I'm hopelessly dyslexic so spent about 25% of high school in special ed).

For me, at least, it feels like concepts can be forming in my brain for years before they become fully rounded ideas, and I think the seeds for this were differently planted a long time ago. Anyway I'm pleased it's out of my head for this issue at least. 


  1. This looks fantastic. You've solved the problem of what to buy my nephew for his upcoming birthday. Awesome!

  2. oh thank you:) I should warn you it has some nudity... nothing sexual though.

  3. It looks fabulous, I'll have to buy a copy for my friend who loves cryptozoology!

    1. thank you Emily for teaching me the most awesome new word today :D

  4. A unique take on the idea of the bestiary and an excellent addition to my collection (several of which I also got from Etsy). I am looking forward to issue 2.

    The inverse questing beast, by the by, is a lot like an alterno-qilin.