Saturday 10 August 2013

My Name is Earl(wolf)

If you follow me anywhere online you would have noticed my partner Scott and I have added a puppy to our family. I still feel a little shocked that we opted for a Chihuahua. Having grown up in a house with German Shepherds and Newfoundlands both huge breeds (here's a link to my parents dog rescue group, yep I come from a dog crazy family). I've literally gone from the biggest of dogs to the smallest. Lucky Scott and I met a tiny Chihuahua when we were up in Wellington and all our preconceived ideas were washed away.

Earlwolf (named after Earl Sweatshirt of odd future in a round about way) is a smart and loving little cookie. I never know Chihuahuas were among one of the oldest, and are one of the brightest dog breeds around. So despite the fact he's a 20th the size of our border collie he is proving to intellectually be his equal. They had a bit of a distant first week but now, three weeks down, they are firmly the best of friends.

This year has been pretty full of worry and heartbreak and it's been so lovely to have this happy ball of fluff in our lives. Scott and I are so lucky that we mostly work at home and are able to look after and be with the pups so much, it sure makes the day job more fun.

On a side note, we planned pretty carefully getting a second dog and have been weighing it up for a couple of years. Also I just found out that Mickey Rourke is a Chihuahua enthusiast... which makes me like Chihuahuas and him all the more.


  1. Oh lordy he is SOOOOOO cute! So cute! I love big dogs (when I was younger we had a Newfoundland x Border Collie) but I always end up getting little dogs. I don't set out to get a dog, it just kind of happens! My little man is a dachshund x mini foxie, and when he was a puppy (he's 12 now) he had very similar markings to Earlwolf!
    Congrats on your new furr baby!

    1. I quite missing living with Newfoundland such cuddly dogs but the small ones are a lot easier. I love foxies and dachshund so I imagine that's a pretty cute mix.