Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Cards for Non Romantic, Romantic Types

I think I've said this before but I'm not much for Valentine's Day. I've spent more single than coupled and when I am with a partner I usually agree it's silly to celebrate but then feel like I'm missing out. Talk about over thinking. To be honest I handled the whole thing with a lot more grace when I was on my own.

Anyway for some reason finding alternate ways of expressing feelings without being soppy or all that romantic is something that seems to resinate with me. So if you've left buying a card a bit late and can't be assed making your own here are 3 downloadable cards.

If like me you're currently hooked to 'The Bachelor' then maybe this is the card for you. Lets face it top 3's not bad there are some real hotties on that show. Download here...

This one is for horror movie fans, it's funny how quite a romantic statement can be turned into something totally creepy with the right font and the addition of the word soul. Download here...

I bloody (pun intended) love Sharknado, it's sharks and tornados and even a chain-sew. Really what more could you want . Anyway I figured this would make a good card for boys. You can say you care, drop a pop culture reference an give them a picture of a shark all in one hit. Not many valentines cards that do that. Download here...

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