Wednesday 21 May 2014

Playing Catch Up

So yet again two and a half months have flown by without me even noticing or blogging. I'm sorry sad neglected blog. Here's a brief list of what's going on in my world.

Nature: photo taken of the aftermath of a massive fish savaging a smaller fish.  Madame Cake
1. I've set up the 'art club' as spoken about in the last post. I'm running it through Tumblr. It's called The Anti-Social Club and everyone is welcome to join in. Three weeks in and the work being shared (as shown above and below) is so much more than I dreamed it would be. You can check out all the amazing work and briefs here.
Giselle Clarkson - Spoonbills and Patterns
Lucinda McConnon Self Portrait

2. I'm giving a talk and teaching an illustration for beginners class at Handmade Wellington next weekend. My talk is pretty much together and I'm spending this weekend lesson planning for what I'm hoping will be a really fun drawing class. 

My friend Tash will be running her amazing Holland Road Knit lounge as usual and another dear friend Kate is teaching a really cool 'make your own hanging terrarium' class. (I so wish I could go but sadly I'm giving a talk at the same time). It's been a year since I've been to Wellington and I'm very much looking forward to the trip.

3. Finally, my partner Scott and I have been working hard saving money so we can go away at the end of the year. Scott is planning and handmaking his first set of designer toys which will be showing at DesignerCon in LA at the start of November. From there we're traveling to Bristol (England) to stay with my family. We're planning a little dash up to Edinburgh and flying visit to Amsterdam before ending our holiday by hopefully (table applications don't open until September eek) taking part in Renegade Craft Fair in London. 

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