Friday 23 October 2009

happy accidents

I'm in New York and can hardly keep my eyes open. I've walked maybe 4 or 5 miles today and all the fresh air is just knocking me out. It's too long a story for a sleepy girl to type but due to getting lost on the Subway (again) and the MOMA being way to busy to even think about, I ended up falling into the American Folk Art Museum and I'm very glad I did. It's a beautiful place full of bright, funny and clever pieces, clearly make with love. Lots of Paintings done by sign writers, quilts and tin models. I spent a good couple of hours just enjoying the work but the best was still to come. I had planned to go and find some live music tonight little did I know that the museum held a free music friday for folk musicians. Three people sang but this guy (matt jones) was by far the best. Right I'm off for some shut-eye will aim to post some pictures tomorrow.

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