Monday 26 October 2009


Sunday was a bit of a tourist sight seeing day for me. I got up early and went down to battery point to catch the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I didn’t much enjoy the whole tourist experience and found myself wishing that I’d just gone back to East village. Luckily the ferry emptied of the Statue leaving just me and three other people who went on to Ellis Island. I really liked Ellis Island (click here to read about the history of Ellis Island) and would highly recommend it. I took the audio tour, which was full of stories told by the immigrants well worth $8. It’s a strangely positive place but it also acts as a reminder of the transience of life. People used to have to be so much braver than they do today. I’m adding just a hand fall of photos now I’ll put the rest on flickr once I’m in Vancouver and hopefully have a little more time. I’m now off to face another busy day if my feet are up to it, I walked 8 miles yesterday and finally the blisters have come.

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