Saturday 14 August 2010

I need help!

Yesterday my business ‘Dear Colleen’ turned six months old, I find this unbelievable as on one hand it’s gone so fast and on the other I can no longer remember what life was like before I did this every spare hour of everyday. Either way something has become very clear over the last month – I can no longer manage the workload! This has left me with two options to start working on ‘Dear Colleen’ full time or take on a staff member part time to help out. I’m going with the second as I love my day job and I’m nowhere near ready to walk away from my career.

All about the job. This is not a glamorous design job. Your primary role will be managing the wholesale and consignment side of my business this means you will be corresponding with shops from around the world to sort bulk and replacement orders. You’ll need to put together inventory sheets, quotes and invoices. I can show you the ropes on all of this but I need someone who is well mannered, efficient and computer literate. I propose paying you on a profit split basis, this should directly reflect the workload you take on each month. You will need to have your own computer, as this aspect of the job will be done remotely. At the moment I would estimate that it will be around 1-6 hours a week but if you do your job well this along with your profit will grow.

The second part of the job is a little more fun. For four hours on a Sunday you’ll work with me directly on all things ‘Dear Colleen’ this will include things as mundane as packaging and organizing my diary to more exciting tasks like helping out on photo shoots and overseeing the build of my website. This part of the job will pay a rather rubbish $15 an hour.

This job offers zero job security but it will give you something a little more interesting to add to your CV than dish washer. You will work on a freelance basis and invoice for your time at the end of every month. We'll go into greater detail about pay and hours at the interview.

Things you will need to be:

1. living in Wellington New Zealand

2. friendly, polite and good-natured

3. able to use a computer ideally a Mac

4. organized

5. interested in graphic design, indie design and etsy, felt etc…

6. some experience of working freelance and sorting quotes and invoice would be desirable.

Would suit. Graphic design or marketing student and/or recent graduates looking to add some creative and business experience to their CV.

If you’re interested then drop me a quick email with an outline about yourself and a basic CV (the CV isn’t as important as a well written letter). Deadline for applications is Thursday 26 August, you’ll hear from me by Monday 30 if you’ve been successful. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Colleen


  1. ...You know, I'm kind of tempted to apply! But i guess i should spend more time working at my own flagging business...

    Hope you find someone great.

  2. How fabulous that you're expanding! And happy belated 6-month anniversary, by the way.

    I must say, if I lived near you I'd be all over this. Even though it's a "pretty shit job" (haha) I'd love an extra part-time income of this sort. It's right up my alley. If only I could package orders via skype...

  3. hey Devon... you're work is amazing don't come work for me, I'll come work for you instead. That makes much more sense.

    Layne have no idea if this will keep growing or going but someone working in the states part time would be amazing (not right now but maybe soon)... I do must of my selling over there:)