Thursday 26 August 2010


Sorry that I haven’t been around much online this week. This is for two reasons firstly I’m very busy with work, real world and Dear Colleen. Secondly and more importantly I’ve given up coffee. I developed a taste for it about seven years ago having prior to that considered it the work of the devil. Since then I’ve had a fairly manageable habit until moving to New Zealand where the coffee is so strong that my weak English constitution can't handle it (really it gives me heart populations, which can't be a good thing).
New Zealanders have a bit of a reputation for being laid back easygoing folk, to make a sweeping generalization. I would say that’s fairly true, until you get them talking about coffee that is. I know what you’re all thinking, rugby right, everyone knows that’s a kiwi’s first love but after living here for a while I would dispute this, you want to see a New Zealander all fired up just say the c word. Heaven forbid you ever mention coffee and London in the same breath, that will result in a 20-minute rant, which will end in the line – Thank god we found Flat White. Flat White is a kiwi owned café in Soho named after the New Zealand version of a latte. Of cause I better hastily add that a flat white is far superior to a latte (or any other coffee in the huge wide world) before one of my caffeine fuelled colleagues beats me about the head to knock some sense into me. Anyway my downfall has been the Flat White as it packs a much stronger hit of caffeine and although I love it dearly, I’m pretty sure it’s not doing me much good and as much as anything else I really don’t need to be drinking that much full fat milk everyday.

So here I am hopefully over the worst (2 straight days of headaches in my case) and feeling human again, if a little less buzzing with life. I’ve found my own form of nicotine patch in the form of a Soy Chai Latte (as pictured above), Mojo make the best in town for my money. I’m not sure if this change is for good - we’ll see.


  1. wow go you! soy chai latte's are the best! good luck! be strong! :D

  2. haha, I'm with you on finding it hard to locate a decent coffee in England! I don't drink coffee anymore, but drink way too much tea which is really just as bad — good luck! It can be hard to give up on those habitual things we love I think more for what they mean than what they actually are xx

  3. I admire you. Very brave for giving up coffee.