Wednesday 22 December 2010

happy christmas...

I’m sat having an easy thursday afternoon in my day job just waiting to hear if there are any last minute alt's to a branding job I have been squirreling away on. In an hour I break up for the Christmas holiday’s (my first time off in eight months). The office is closing until the end of January and I am taking a small break from ‘Dear Colleen’ to re charge my batteries. I've had an amazing five weeks in the run up to Christmas and did far more business than I ever dreamt I would - those who lived through it with me on twitter will quite rightly think I’m a total moaning mini but now I’m on the other side I can look back and say it has been amazing and once again this year I feel like I was chucked in the deep end and somehow didn’t drown.

It’s a funny thing facing Christmas alone on the wrong side of the world. For a start it’s pretty dam hot and sunny over here, which to my English brain just doesn’t make sense. More importantly I am just about as far away from my family as I can be, I feel a little sad about that but I’m mostly sorted and am looking forward to getting the day off to cycle, catch up with friends and relax. I also love to cook so will spend at least part of the day making lots of yummy food including the legendary pav, which I believe is the Kiwi Christmas desert of choice. I hope you all have lovely Christmases however you’re spending the day.

I just have a few people to thank who have gotten me through the last few weeks; Chris and Sandy my bosses at scooter design endlessly supportive and kind employers. My assistant Jen who filled in for me at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair at the drop of a hat and who has also helped me run a passable wholesale business. Evie for keeping this blog alive and putting together some fabulous articles with little or no guidance from me and finally I huge thank you to my brilliant Mother the most remarkable person I know, she has kindly managed my UK based Etsy shop and wholesale orders. She just got on with it, know what she was doing and made my life a lot easier. I couldn't have asked for more.

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  1. Just getting around to catching up on my reading... after a good recharging of my batteries as well...

    Congrats on a successful year! We made it though Christmas... alive, and in one piece. I think that's quite an accomplishment!

    Hope you got the most out of your well-deserved holiday :)