Saturday 4 December 2010

house keeping...

While it's been a busy couple of weeks for me, this of cause has lots to do with the run up to Christmas and is also partly down to the fact I've been lucky enough to have myself and my work featured in a handful of rather cool places (mostly blogs) but I also did my first magazine interview with Homestyle. Thanks to Jessica from Foxes for scanning it in.
As for house keeping. Firstly Christmas posting dates, that's it for orders to the State and Canada the final guaranteed delivery date as been and gone - sorry. Our lovely neighbours in Australia still have until the 9 December to place orders and New Zealanders can wait until the 20 December to get their orders in. Also New Zealander might like to buy my items from Foxes or Felt as prices work out a little cheeper postage wise, plus Foxes have an exclusive line of 'Dear Colleen' items including the 'Skills' poster pinned above my desk in the photo.

I'm also showing at two fairs over the next couple of week - my assistant Jen is taking a big bag of goodies up to the Auckland Art and Craft Fair next saturday (so sorry that work commitments mean I'm unable to attend myself) and the week after I'm at the Christmas Craft2.0 at the New Dowse. I think this is likely to be my last outing in New Zealand so make sure you drop by to say hello if you're in Wellington that weekend.

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  1. Oh wow, nice! Congrats. I wish I could read the article. I need to snag one of those L is for Lover prints soon. Just as soon as you're back from vacation methinks!