Thursday 3 February 2011

geek chic...

fashion friday by Evie Kemp

Chances are if you're reading this you're a bit of a geek. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. It's a compliment really. Because deep down we all want to be a geek. It's all part of a romantic notion to exist in a world where a bright mind outshines a sparkly dress. The truth is that really isn't true at all and modern geek is as much a matter of appearance as it is a lifestyle.

So let's assume you already have a whole bunch of obscure film quotes up your sleeve and an unhealthy obsession with collecting pencils (nothing wrong with that) but you want to make sure you look the part too. Fortunately geek chic is a simple look to perfect.

The most important thing is to look as though you pretend to not care for your appearance (though obviously we all know you do). Hair should be very low maintenance, a messy top knot for long hair or a scruffy, unbrushed bob for short. Don't dye it, or if you do, keep it dull.

Clothes should always tend towards the boyish and everything should be a bit too big. In a charming way. Jeans, mens cardigans and sweatshirts are staples.

Remember you're an intellectual so express an opinion. Use badges or a (preferably vintage) t-shirt.

The satchel is the only real bag option. The more battered the better. This should house your modern geek equipment - phones, ipods, ipads.

Shoes should be masculine. Leather brogues, lace up boots, Chucks or basic old fashioned sandals.

Note: The geek is a little dishevelled but ultimately not a total scruff bag. You should still be able to gain employment at the library or art shop and should smell like paint, tea, roses or old leather (satchel) not B.O.

Finally, don't forget your glasses, charm and wit, nor your library card. Or your thermos if required.


  1. Woot, go the geek!

  2. Brilliant - made me giggle when I recognised some bits of myself :-)