Thursday 17 February 2011

party frocks

Fashion friday by Evie Kemp
As this week marks the one year anniversary of Dear Colleen (congratulations!) it only seems appropriate to get in to the celebratory spirit and admire some lovely party frocks.

I'm a firm advocate of dressing up properly (even if i don't do it often enough) and a staunch opposer to going out for an evening wrapped in a small amount of lycra and/or mesh. When I first started going out (to underage discos) it was the time of the most awful fashion crime otherwise known as the trouser-skirt - a pair of bootleg trousers with a matching miniskirt attached to the top (I'm not willing to bring this blog down with it's image). Anyway, it's no surprise that nowadays I love the opportunity to wear a proper, lovely dress.

Here in New Zealand girls are forgetting what it's like to really dress up and a casual dress code has become acceptable anytime and anywhere. It's a terrible shame and I hope current trends and shows like Mad Men can bring dressing up back. Wearing a pretty dress with simple hair & makeup and flats in the daytime looks just as great as a full evening get up.

Here are some of my favourite 'proper' dresses and shoes of the moment. Aren't they pretty?

1. Eliza J belted cotton party dress $193.28 2. ASOS peep toe perspex heel £65 3. Karen Walker Patio dress $250NZ 4. Miss KG Eve platform shoe £75 5. Warehouse embellished yoke prom dress £85 6. Topshop Scarlett Blue suede platforms £68

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