Thursday 24 March 2011

all warm and fuzzy

Fashion Friday by Evie Kemp
Last week I wrote about nice girly hairstyles, in fact I ALWAYS write about girls. It's not very fair, so in the interest of fairness this week we're going to discuss/analyse facial hair. Please understand this is not a gratuitous, trawling-the-internet-perving-at-manly-men post but a genuine critique of structure and form. I swear.

Facial hair has the tendency to be a bit like marmite (and I don't just mean full of toast crumbs), you either love it or hate it. Regardless of your personal preference you can't deny that it does lend a certain masculinity that nothing else can because only men (not boys and only special ladies) can grow a proper beard.

Now I'll stop before I get all prehistoric on you and present: The Bad.

Clive Owen, The big mo. Makes you look like a creepy old school teacher. I think this is the worst facial hair I've seen in a long time. It shocked me to the core.

Brad Pitt, playing the 'look how big my beard is game' results in him looking like he hasn't seen a shower in years and completely dissolves any of that handsome jawline we know and love.

Matthew Fox, aka that guy from Lost. Soul patches are so lame. So, so lame.

And in the interests of a fair analysis: The Good.

Zach Galifianakis, ok he's not your typical heartthrob but he's cool and he wouldn't be half as cool without his fuzz. It's just the right balance of wild and tamed.

Justin Timberlake, he's a bit of baby face but his light covering lends him a certain something.

George Clooney, he's previously done terrible, terrible things with his beard but this gorgeous silver specked creation is perfection, like he spent the weekend at your house and forgot his razor.

So, beards or no beards? Who's your favourite furry fellow? (I just wanted to say that!)

Oh and if you're reading this and you have a beard, you have to check out this blog It's brilliant.


  1. I love beards! My dad always had one when I was growing up, and now my husband has one. Something very manly about facial hair. But you're right -- the ones on top are really BAD. Especially Matthew Fox.

  2. Who knew Clive Owen could look so terrible? That will haunt me for the rest of the day. I like how beards let guys change it up - its a little unfair they don't have as many face/hair/clothes options as we do

  3. Nope, not really a beard fan, but stubble that bristley goodness that has potential to one day be a beard but never actually becomes one, now THAT makes my knees week.

  4. So weak it would seem that even the thought of it causes me not to punctuate sentences or remember how to spell 'weak'

  5. Little Gray Pixel - You made me remember the time my (beardless dad) tried growing a goatee and I cried my eyes out (I was about 7). My Dad has to be Beardless but other men I consider on a case by case basis. hehe

    You're so right Greta, I didn't even think about how important a little creative facial hair is to the boys. I'm still not excusing Clive though!

    Brumby, Yes. Don Draper 5 o clock shadow. Yes.

  6. I love beards, so manly just make me weak at the knees:) my dad had a mustache up until 2 years ago and I still find it hard him not having it. Maybe that's why I had to move to the other side of the world:)