Thursday 17 March 2011

I-don't-really-care Hair

fashion friday by evie kemp

I don't know about you, but i'm still hung up on trying to look like a geek/librarian/academic (the last few weeks of this blog are some what a testament to that). While the idea of vanity glasses didn't sit well with everybody I think this weeks topic of hair will.

The best styles look like you tied it up in your sleep and then got dragged through a hedge backwards and yet look so romantic and a little scatter brained. The key is to look like you couldn't care less about your hair when in reality it's of absolute importance. Put your hairspray away and cancel your appointment with the hairdresser.

As usual I've collected a few pictures of my favourites. If you're fortunate enough to have already perfected the ultimate messy topknot (with a pencil in it?) or the falling out ponytail you could consider trying one of these. Just don't let anyone think you care.


  1. I wish I could achieve such looks, alas my hair does not grow past my shoulders, never has. I have the dragged through a bush backwards look, but in all the wrongs ways. I really like the look, but perhaps too because it alludes to a natural beauty, and carefree attitude. As opposed to a primped and preened high maintenance look, and uptight attitude?

  2. Brumby, I have superlong hair and still never been able get those looks right:) I do love them as well though

  3. one day my hair will magically be long and flowing, please dont be dashing my hopes that I will wake up each morning looking amazing when that finally happens, please?

  4. Can't you tell I'm having major long hair envy at the moment? I think it's definitely that effortless vibe that makes all these looks so enviable. Short hair has it just takes a bit more time in the morning :-D

    I think when it comes to hair 'It's always greener on the otherside' is almost ALWAYS true! I know it is for me anyway. Always want what I don't have!

  5. i absoulty love those hair styles they are fantasitc

  6. how do u do these hairstyles?? i just cannot do them!! please reply (i have just over shoulder length hair) x